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Complete repair and restoration of an 1800's Chinese Hope chest


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January 2020


Got the tabletop and leaves home and setup and they looks great!  Thanks  for refinishing it and making them for us. They are really quite nice.

Let us know when the end tables are are ready and when you are ready for  the binnacle and ship’s wheel.

Enjoy the weekend!

John & Marguerite

December 2019

Thank you so much for the great job on our rocking chair and chess ♟ board.  You surpassed our expectations. Please feel free to post pictures, wish we had  before photos to highlight the wonderful repairs and refinishing of your  work.

George Faulkner

November 2019


Hello Richard,

Thank you again for the  incredible work you did on the chest of drawers. I am beyond pleased and very  impressed!
Your skill and artistry is  amazing!
I wish I had found you  earlier. As soon as we get unpacked, I will be dropping off the butler's  stand.
Many thanks for a job well  done.

Jane S. Fishman

August 2019


       Dear  Richard, We are beyond  impressed with the work you did on our 200+ year old Chinese Chest. We had  purchased the chest from a private owner in Washington State.  It obviously had  a rough journey to  Florida,  because it arrived in no less than 6 pieces.  We were devastated when we  unpacked it.  You showed us several prior attempts to repair previous damage to  the chest and assured us you  would take care  to restore it to its former beauty.  We were shock when you called in only 3  weeks (your initial time frame was 6 weeks) and saw how you had not only  repaired the damage, but  had also  restored the mahogany to its original luster, added a chain to hold the heavy  lid in place when open, and hand crafted the missing internal drawer. The  finished product is beautiful, if only we  could find the  words to describe how impressed we are.  It is in better shape now than before  it was shipped.  We are so very grateful for the work you did. The chest will be  in our family for as long  As  possible.  

Sincerely, Dave &  McKenzie Owen

July 2019


Richard-   Vicki and I are beyond pleased with the miracle you worked on  our little desk.  We had thought a few times about just taking it to the dump,  as we feared it was beyond hope.  But something held us back from giving up on  it, and eventually we found you.  The restoration job you performed on the piece  is nothing short of amazing.  Not only did you preserve a significant piece of  family history, but turned it into a very beautiful piece of furniture.  We  can’t thank you enough. We are very grateful for your work, and grateful for you.   Vicki and Jim Osborne

December 2018
Dear Richard,

Thanks  so much for all of your hard work on our live edge desk and table, both  of which look really dynamite!  Its been a pleasure getting to know you  as a person as well.  We look forward to working with you again in the  future.  Best wishes to you for the Holidays and the New Year.

Hans and Jake

October 2018

Jack M.


You  exceeded my expectations by far.  My 100 year old rolltop  desk is  beautiful, functional like I had hoped for, and a fabulous conversation  piece for my house down here.  Thank you!

Richard did a  fabulous job repairing my family heirloom antique roll top desk. They  far exceeded my expectations, during the initial triage, through the  repair process and on to the "final reveal" of the desk. The desk is 100  years old but looks brand new! Richard also did extra custom work,  surprised me with in-depth knowledge about my desk and spent a generous  amount of time explaining everything to me. I highly recommend Twigtree  for custom woodworking projects.

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

September 2018

David W.

I  would highly recommend using Richard for furniture refinishing. We have  a bedroom set that is 100 years old but my wife hated it because of the  dark color. He stripped and refinished the whole set for a reasonable  price and it turned out great!! Highly recommend.

September 2018

Jennifer B.

The  work was exquisite! I cried when I got my chair back because I honestly  never thought it would look as beautiful as it does. It is a work of  art. So, so thrilled!  Thank you, Richard

This customer rated you highly for work quality, and value.

July 2018

Steven S.

Richard  at TwigTree Woodworking is one of the most skilled craftsmen I have  ever met. He restored my grandparents dining room table to and it is  more beautiful than ever! This is the second piece of furniture Richard  has done for me and I have more to come! Thanks Richard!

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

June 2018

Nancy W.

I  bought this table 16 years ago for $200.00 at the Sandwich Flea Market.  I kept saying some day I will get it refinished. Well this year was  some day. I found a guy here in Florida who does amazing work. He was so  excited about my table that he got me excited. I went home and  researched my table to find out it could be as old as the civil war  days. Well I picked it up yesterday and it looks AMAZING! I dropped off a  mirror yesterday that has been in the family for a while and has been  painted 3 times. When I dropped it off my dad said he thinks it was his  grandmothers mirror. Now I’m super excited to get that back! I would  highly recommend Richard Edgeworth at Twig Tree Woodworking!  He does  amazing work and is passionate about what he does.

 May 2018

Don C.

Promptly and professionally done. Mr. Edgeworth is a pleasure to deal with and his work is superb.
This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, and punctuality.

April 2018

Maruja F.

Richard  restored a dining table for me. He did an excellent job an now it looks  brand new. He also finished the work ahead of schedule. I am very happy  with the results and services provided.

April 2018

Kevin C.

Richard  refinished our dining room table that was passed down to us by my  parents. It was about 70 years old. The fruit wood finish had worn down,  and the legs had scrapes that needed to be filled in certain locations.  Richard did a fantastic job restoring the table and the extra leaves  within two weeks of delivery to him. My wife and I love how it now  looks!! We will pass it along to our daughter to maintain the legacy of  my parents. Thanks again, Richard, for the terrific work!!

March 2018

Terry N.

My  wife recently asked me to re-finish an old wooden file cabinet. It had  been painted an ugly green, an my wife thought I could strip the paint  and stain it. I knew this would be no easy task, and I suggested,  unsuccessfully, that a new oak cabinet would be a better option. I found  TwigTree on line, sent Richard photos, and I quickly received a quite  reasonable quote from TwigTree. Richard inspected the cabinet, and found  it to be "older than dirt" (Richard's quote). Moving parts (including  drawer rails and rollers) were wood, not metal. Richard researched the  manufacturer (who went out business 70 years ago) and determined this  was likely manufactured for the military in WWII (explains the ugly  green color). My wife now has a beautiful dark oak file cabinet, and  (most amazingly) the drawers slide out with one finger (used to require a  mule and a crow bar). I do not hesitate to recommend TwigTree; Richard  will surpass your expectations!

February 2018

Bridget B.

I was overjoyed when I saw my cedar chest restored to its original beauty.  What an amazing job!  Thank you so much, Richard

October 2017

Steve A.

This  gentleman does not just work with wood - he is without a doubt a  skilled master craftsman. He is the epitome of the words craftsman and  artisan. "One who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially  in the manual arts". He completely redid a dining room table that  should have been labeled beyond repair and gave it back to me as not  only new looking but better than the original! I am forever in his debt.  That old dining table holds many happy memories and because of his love  for wood it will be around another generation or two to hold many more.  My deepest thanks and gratitude for the care you gave Richard, and the  renewed life you gave to my table.

This customer rated you highly for work quality, punctuality, professionalism, responsiveness, and value.

September 2017

WOW!  Richard is a skilled craftsman. We have a large dining room table with  two leaves. One got extensively damaged from moisture and mold. While it  was beyond perfect restoration, he did an unbelievable job on it and  made it look great. We now have a brand new looking leaf with a bit of  history to it. Will be taking the rest of the table to him next week for  refurb and may possibly have him build a custom cabinet for our  bathroom remodel. Thanks Richard for the great work. Would recommend him  for any wood working job.

Steve A.

March 2017

Richard  is really a gem. He refinished a dining room table right on time,as  promised, and I was stunned at how beautiful it came out. I think it's  prettier than when I bought it 35 years ago. It's perfect and Richard  was a pleasure to work with.

Katie P.

August 2016

Richard  Edgeworth restored our mother's secretary to a beautiful condition. He  went to great lengths to find parts and materials to restore our piece.  His workmanship revealed that he develops a personal relationship and  caring for the furniture that he restores.

Jennifer K

August 2016

Richard  is a true professional. He did exactly what he said he would, when he  said he would. But it goes beyond that. We entrusted a Lane cedar chest  to him that was sooooo very important to my wife as it has a long  history in her family. It means so much to her and will always be in our  family since our daughter already has "dibs" on it for after we're  gone. This chest was badly deteriorated after many decades of life,  including many physical moves. It was a disaster, including a completely  broken leg which I had made worse by trying to repair. Words can't  describe the chest we got back from Richard. It is like factory new. The  attention to detail Richard employs is unreal. Every little thing is  perfect. He was even able to repair the broken leg so it looks like it  never happened. He even made a key for the lock!  The end result of  Richard's work is genuinely remarkable. Richard clearly has a love for  what he does and he transfers that love to YOUR piece of furniture. Look  no further and DO NOT hesitate to employ Richard to bring back your  memories!

Thanks Richard!

Mike M.

April 2016

Richard  did a phenomenal job on a very old rocking chair that has been in  storage for 40 + years. It looks great and reminds me of when i last saw  it together as a child.
Everyone raves about it. You can trust that Richard will do a wonderful job for you

Paul R. 

March 2016
Richard  to the Rescue! I have a 1 year old West Highland Terrier, who for some  reason, likes to chew on things he's not supposed to.. Like my $1200  coffee table from Italy. Richard did a wonderful job repairing a piece  that I thought would never look good again.. I was wrong. Thanks  TwigTree!
You're a life-saver Richard! Thanks a ton!

Justin L.

March 2016

What a great experience!

Richard refinished a midcentury coffee table for me and it turned out beautiful. I highly recommend TwigTree Woodworking!

J. Kean

February 2016

Richard  did beautiful work on the refinishing of an old paneled/glassed door.  Fair price, completed earlier than promised - he is a real pleasure to  work with. We installed on barn/rolling hardware. Just exactly as we  hoped it would look. Thanks Richard! Will certainly bring more work your  way in the future...

J. Swett

February 2016

Thanks so much for the beautiful TV table you custom made for us.  It fits perfectly in the corner space for the TV.

P. Hughes

January 2016

Richard  created a new drawer face for a piece of abandoned furniture that I  found as well as reassembling, repairing, and refinishing a family  writing table that had lost a leg and fabricated the missing pull out  writing surface. I initially sought him out to do just repair work;  however, I saw some of the pieces he had refinished and were ready for  delivery to its owner. The four poster bed he refinished was  unbelievable. After seeing his work and absolute pride he takes in his  work, I decided to have him refinish my table and will have him refinish  a Windsor chair he also repaired. He is a gem. I was impressed with the  condition of his workshop. It was as neat as a pin and an indicator of  the type of work he does. I am exceedingly happy with his work and the  pride he takes in his work is clearly evident. I would recommend him  without reservation.

M. Brennan

January 2016

Richard  refinished my grandmother's bedroom set, a lane chest and several other  antique pieces, 13 in all.  He treated them with great respect and  understood my sentimental attachment to all of them. His work is superb.  The furniture is renewed and brought back to its former glory!  Thank  you, Richard

L. Fletcher

October 2015

This  was the most outstanding experience. Mix two chairs with strong family  sentimental attachment, dried up glue from age, broken chair pieces  (because the glue failed and the chairs fell into pieces) that were then  chewed by dogs (they sort of looked like bones) and you have the  ingredients for two chairs that should have been cast off. Our sentiment  prevailed to hold on to them and to search for someone who would accept  the challenge. Richard accepted our request and delivered a beautiful  product. The chairs are beautiful and have a future life of another 75  or more years. Thank you, Richard.

Mary & Chris S.

September 2015

Richard  did an excellent job repairing my dining room chair! His service was  quick, outstanding, and definitely exceeded my expectations. I cannot  even tell the chair has been repaired, and I am looking for the  repair...superior craftsmanship! I will definitely take my business to  Richard and recommend him to anyone looking for similar service! Thanks,  Richard! 

Brenda K.

August 2015

If  you need furniture refinished or damage repaired, TwigTree is the place  to call! Richard fixed the damage on our beloved dining room table and  refinished table, leaves and legs so everything matched perfectly. He's  easy to get in touch with...he communicates information...and the work  he does is wonderful! We'd absolutely use his services again and will  recommend him without reservation.

Dolly & Bill W.

January 2015

Richard's  work is incredible!  He transformed our 7 piece bedroom set from a  light oak country style suite we wanted to sell into gorgeous rich dark  walnut worth keeping forever.

Brian R.

October 2014

Richard  was very professional and willing to take the vintage refurbishing of  my bedroom furniture. He responded immediately when I called to get a  quote on the project and kept in touch with me through the process to  make sure I was happy with the look. I highly recommend his work and  look forward to more projects to send his way.

Jeanette S

August 2014

had  a great experience with Richard @TwigTree. He and his assistant  refinished a 100+ year old roll top desk that belonged to my late  attorney father. We (my sibs) helped my Mom refinish it as a gift to my  Dad over 45 years ago and Richard brought it back to life in 2014!! What  a family keepsake we can hold on for yet another generation!!  BLESSINGS!!

Lawrence H

June  2014

From  assessment to quote to completion and delivery, everything was  perfection. Richard took a Victorian desk that had been purchased second  hand by my family 60 years ago. My father had painted it and slapped  varnish on top of the paint. Richard stripped the desk, replaced cracked  and missing veneer, stained and lanquered and transformed the piece  into an object of antique beauty.

Nancy S

May 15, 2014

I  have my grandmothers cedar chest which was damaged when we moved.  It  had casters and they wheeled it without taking out the contents and  broke the legs.  The chest is about 100 years old.  We also had a door  fall on it.  Richard repaired the legs and scratches and to look at it,  you couldn't tell it was ever broken.  He did an excellent job.  Better  than I expected due to the damage.  I would highly recommend him.  He  also cares about furniture, you can tell.  I already have another  project in mind for him to do for me.  He is quite a find!!

Esther F.

April  2014

I  came to Richard with an unusual request, to make my wooden speargun  look like new, and to protect it from further deterioration.  Richard  did a great job and it looks brand new.  Thank you, Richard

Tim F.

March  2014

Richard,  since you dropped off the table Monday, we've had several visitors  awe-smacked by the finish and workmanship. One in particular does alot  of fine woodwork and had to examine it from several angles to see the  piano finish you accomplished. He was quite impressed, and said it was  beyond his abilities. Thought you might appreciate the feedback.

Earl W.

December 2013

We  had a great experience with Richard.  He has such a passion for  furniture restoration.  He went above and beyond what he said he would  do, and the final product was wonderful.  Highly recommend him.

Suzi E.

November  2013

Richard  refinished an antique dining room table for us that was a family  heirloom.  He did a beautiful job, and went above and beyond.  He  completed the job very timely, and kept us informed along the way.  I  would highly recommend him!.

Karen B.

I  have known Richard for over 20 years, he has repaired and refinished  furniture for me and has also worked on wood projects with my son.  You  can tell that he loves what he does and tries to bring back whatever he  works on to its original state.

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